Summer Camp for Special Needs Children from Bosnia

After two years of postponing their camp due to COVID, Youth for Christ in Croatia finally had five beautiful days with children from Bosnia this summer. They had raised money and hosted a camp for special needs children from Bosnia for many years, and then their plans for the camp were thwarted by COVID in 2020 and 2021. 

Friends from the United States who had raised and donated the money for the camp were not able to join us this year, but their financial help was able to bring great joy to the children. These five days at the seaside meant a lot to them – especially after the lock-downs at home or in their institutions.

In addition to all the fun activities, there were also workshops for the kids who have problems with physical and mental development. Participants also went kayaking and did activities such as tube riding and pedal boats. Organizers also planned a boat cruise for the children and the team. 

Youth for Christ Croatia wishes to express their gratitude to God and friends from the United States for enabling them to bring joy, happiness, warmth and Christ’s love to these precious children from Bosnia.