Suicide Bomber Encounters Jesus and Comes Home

From Bryan Blomker, EMENA Liaison

Discovering that her son had been sent off to a camp for training as a suicide bomber, the desperate mother sent him a message: “Please come home, I am sick and about to die.” A lie to be sure, but what would you do to rescue your son?

Out of love the mother pleaded for him to come home. Out of love God was intervening in this young man’s life. Faithful in sharing Jesus, God used our Youth for Christ staff person there in bringing the life-changing message of Jesus to this young man.

Really would it make any difference? Would he even hear?

Not only did he listen, he walked away new! In surrendering his life not to hate and violence, but to Jesus, he is now discovering hope, life and purpose.

Do you ever question whether being involved with Youth for Christ makes a difference? Have you ever wondered if it matters at all?

It mattered for this mother—she, too, came to follow Jesus shortly after her son. It mattered for the son. His life is changed forever. And it likely matters for a whole lot of other people and families whose lives could have been lost, scarred, and shattered had the young man not been intercepted by the love of Christ on his path toward violence.