A 15 year old from Madagascar, Fitia, recently learned how to forgive after having her sins forgiven.

Rasoanomenjanahary Fitia studies at one of the public colleges in Nakura, Kenya. Before she actually gave her life to Christ, she used to be very arrogant and unforgiving. She could not relate to her peers or people in her community.

Youth for Christ in Antsirabe does ministry in the private schools and public colleges. School authorities have come to the realisation that school rules and regulations are not enough to keep the young people on track. They agree that they need the gospel of Jesus.

Two of the staff, Julienne and Power, run a weekly program at CEG Ivohitra where they met Fitia. Initially, she was very interested in the music ministry. Later she was given the opportunity to hear the Good News.

After one of the volunteers, Andry, had given a message on ‘Entering into God’s Kingdom’,  Fitia gave her life to Christ. She is presently being discipled and is one of the key members of the music group.

“She has been touched amazingly by God and is now willing to forgive those who before now, could not have been easily forgiven by her,” says Ravo, the National Director of Youth for Christ in Madagascar.