"Stand Out" Camp Teaches Youth to Be Different

From Vijay Thangiah, National Director

indiacamp4The Youth for Christ annual summer camp in Dehli is one of the major events of the year. The theme for this year’s camp was “STAND OUT.” The camp was held from June 8-12 at North India Outreach Society, Dehradun.

Despite many challenges, highs and lows and moments of anxiety, the Lord stood faithful in reminding the team that at no point could they stop depending upon him.

As compared to the earlier camps, this year’s camp stood out in many ways. To start with, there were 90 in all, the biggest group ever. There were participants from Jharkhand, Allahabad and even Dehradun; the majority were from Delhi.

indiacamp2With the desire to see the young people not just believe but be different, the camp was called “Stand Out” and truly that’s exactly what the camp did – it stood out!

The morning devotions taught about standing out in love, faith, prayer and purity (1 Timothy 4:12). The Bible Studies focused on godly living vs. worldly living based on the character study of Samson and about the Devil and his schemes and how he, too, is standing out but for the wrong reasons. Coming next were the practical sessions that focused on overcoming sin, assurance of salvation and some significant issues such as living a life of integrity, present day youth trends and relationships with parents. The challenge hour mainly focused on knowing God: His nature, His work, His love – and what should be one’s response to all this.