Staff report on unrest from Egypt

Much thanks to everyone who has been praying fervently for the situation in Egypt and our Youth for Christ staff there.  Below is a report that was delivered to the Area Director by our Egyptian YFC staff contact just a few hours ago.

“Just to let you know … I have talked to all our staff, they are all OK till now. Situation is still critical but we start to see new and positive movement away from the opposition and running back to stability.

Still there are kids on the street but starting from yesterday many are satisfied with the outcome.

Our offices are OK, both offices suffered no harm despite that both are in the centre of town and many streets closed to us have suffered serious damage.

On our way home last Friday, we had to cross a bridge controlled by a lot of gangs with all kinds of weapons. Our life was seriously at risk. There were burning cars around us, stolen cars … our car was attacked and they tried to open the door from my wife’s side.  I had to run away trying to avoid hitting any one, avoid different burning cars and the different obstacles to control every passing car so the car suffered some damage but we will always remember this adventure and God’s protection during this tough time.

Still the situation is very fragile. Yesterday there were different shots (including tanks) in front of our home for sometime, but with no damage.”