Special Language During Football

seychellesIt’s quite hot in the Seychelles, and sweaty boys fill the small field surrounded by concrete classrooms as two teams battle to win the 40-minute football match. Bible talk and discussion were both checked off the list and now it was time for soccer.

James is one of the best players and his agility and speed are impressive. What comes out of his mouth, however, is not very impressive. Every now and again when he loses the ball or another player tackles him hard, James lashes out verbally – more often than not it is tainted with profanity.

In Youth for Christ, we deal with young people from difficult family situations, so while his language is concerning, it’s not entirely a surprise. The match ends and James makes his way towards his coach. He looks hesitant but in a sudden move of courage says, “Sir, please forgive me. I know that I have said some bad words and I need to change that.” God is at work in the lives of these young ones and His Spirit will continuously convict their hearts of sin and work in them to bring transformation.