Spain Celebrates 75th Anniversary, New Leadership

On Saturday  28 January, Youth for Christ in Spain celebrated its 75th anniversary.

The church was packed with people from all generations. In this celebration, Mark and Stephanie Dodrill passed the baton of leadership to Pedro and Carla Tarazona. There was a massive applause for all the work Mark and Stephanie have done.

Mark and Stephanie Dodrill started in 1982 as some of the first long-term missionaries from YFC USA and Mark served as the National Director for over 30 years. Pastors and others shared many encouraging testimonies. Mark and Stephanie were and are faithful, dedicated and reliable servants of the Lord. They will continue to be involved in the ministry.

Pedro Tarazona is the new National Director of YFC Spain. He will focus on developing the ministry in Spain with so many young people who don’t know Jesus yet. His pastor and others prayed for him.