Sixteen year old Sonia has been coming to “Exch@nge” summer camp for three years. In addition, she regularly met with a Youth for Christ volunteer during the year. On the 4th day of camp, she asked one of the American girls who came to help “Is it too late for me to have a relationship with Jesus?”

She soon learned that she wasn’t too late as she talked with her new friend and a leader from camp for a long time about what it means to be saved. After praying together, Sonia made the decision to openly declare that she believes in Jesus and wants to follow Him.

After five years of Youth for Christ ministry in Italy, Sonia’s was the first public confession of faith from a teen.

Sonia’s decision to follow Christ not only encourages the Youth for Christ leaders who have labored to bring the gospel to the young people of Italy, but also her parents, who are not believers. Sonia’s 11 year old sister Veronica also came to camp for the first time this year.

Please pray for Sonia and her family as she continues to walk with Jesus.