Singapore Ready to Live & Play it to the Max

by Lim Chien Chong, Singapore National Director

In Singapore, a large event has been organised to reach young people (across the broad spectrum of youth) with the good news of salvation. It’s called PlayMax.

What is PlayMax? Bi-annual. Evangelistic. Carnival.

Many have asked why Youth for Christ would ‘do PlayMax’. Events are an important platform to reach young people, who are activity-inclined. For a program to be fun and to have something for everyone, a youth carnival became a logical choice. That was how the ministry team first came to decide on the very first PlayMax. It was thus themed with the aim to bring out the message that, to truly play to the max—in fact, to live to the max—one has to know the greatest Person who ever lived.

Being a carnival, organisers inject variety – as much as they can think of and afford to have. So there are many different ‘Max-es’ i.e. different stations to engage young people. For example, ExtremeMax includes incredible, stupendous feats of strength & power live by strong men from overseas; TalentMax features a showcase of local youth talents; and even a NinjaMax where participants attempt to overcome various levels of an obstacle course in the shortest time to win attractive prizes. Designated group hosts serve as guides to participants as they go to designated places where the PlayMax theme would be further explored and explained. In this way, the noise, hype and busyness won’t be distractions from the reason for the event.

Since the first PlayMax four years ago, different Christian groups and churches have encouraged Youth for Christ to continue organising the event. Organizers have been affirmed that it has served as a useful common platform as well as a friendly environment for young people to hear and to share the greatest story in human history. With continual support from different Christian leaders, churches and individuals, Youth for Christ continues to take on this project with much ‘faith and trembling’.

Through PlaxMax, leaders have gotten to know many like-minded people and very good Christian friends with whom they hope to team up for many other gospel ventures. Staff from Youth for Christ have also been able to follow-up with many young people who indicated interest to know more about our Lord Jesus, some of whom are growing well in the faith and ministry.