shravanThe biggest miracle in my life is that God chose to love and save me in Jesus Christ. If I take a quick look back at my childhood, the way I used to be, I wonder if I’m really the same man who used to live such a rotten life.

I didn’t attend church regularly until my 9th grade year. My parents only took us on holidays like Good Friday and Christmas. At that time, we used to live in Ameerpet. After a few years, we shifted to Bhel, where I started going to church. Although I attended Sunday school from 10th class to B-Tech 3rd year as a student, I neither knew anything about the Bible nor any stories present in it. I was just idle and did not have any interest to learn about God all these years.

Though we give up on God, He never will give up on us. One day, a woman from our church told of God’s intelligence and the way He designed things and most importantly the existence of Jesus Christ on earth. That discussion had an impact on me. I slowly started believing, and gradually gave my life to the Lord.

Though I never boozed, I believe if God had not saved me, I would have become an alcoholic. Many of my school friends drink heavily, and a few had already lost their
virginity at the age of 15. Most of my school friends who were at the top of their class in year 10 are now boozers.

I trust that God had a plan for me and that was the reason He brought me away from my
school friends. And all of them live around Ameerpet. Even now all of them stay there; I am the only one who lives far from Ameerpet.

God has brought many changes in my life by guiding me day by day though different
people. Ebe Anna is one of them. I still remember a few of the sermons that Anna shared in Tami or discipleship gatherings. The most influential one was on the life of Mother Mary. It was during Christmas season way back in 2012. I was very depressed and didn’t even want to go to TAMI BHEL. Somehow I made up my mind and went. Ebe Anna spoke about Mother Mary and how she was surrendered to the Lord. Before Christ was born an Angel visits and tells her the plan that God prepared for her. Then Mary replies, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”

There have been few ups and many downs in my life. Yet God is still being faithful and guiding and helping me all the way to know more of Him every day.

Please pray for the salvation of my family.