Sea Adventures in Moscow

On June 8-10, 2016, Youth for Christ in Russia organised a day camp at the orphanage in Filimonki. Twenty-six children became participants in sea adventures, along with a team of volunteers and “Salvation” church.

The kids were playing, doing crafts and learning interesting Biblical stories associated with the maritime theme of Noah, Jonah, about how Jesus calmed the storm.

At the end of the camp was a fair where children received many prizes and treats.

Then, from June 20-22, Youth for Christ staff joined volunteers from the Church of RBC and sisters of the CEF, to continue the “Sea adventures” theme in Novogireevskaya sanatorium. In order to become a real sailor, each child took a test after participating in training and workshops.

At the end of the camp, 50 children were aware of God’s infinite compassion and mercy,
telling memorized Bible verses and joyfully received the prizes and the title of naval sailors.