School Assemblies in Italy Commemorate 9/11

A school outreach in Italy has been teaching students how God is actively working, even through tragedy. A group of a Christians from a church in New York recently came to Bologna to help Italy Youth for Christ with school assemblies titled “Where was God on 9/11?” The goal was to commemorate this tragic historical event that occurred 10 years ago, and reflect on it.

A Port Authority policeman who was on duty on that day was part of the New York group and shared about his experience and faith testimony. Not many schools were open to having the team until the week before, but then at the very last minute God opened the doors and finally the group was in many different schools and witnessed in front of a total of 1,600 students.

Please be in prayer for the Youth for Christ team as they plan to follow up with these schools and offer more programs for this school year. Also pray for Anastasia, a student who claims to be an atheist, but came to the conference that the Christian author John Blanchard led on a Saturday afternoon at a conference center in Bologna on the theme of “Where is God where things go wrong?”

The following Sunday morning (October 9th), Youth for Christ was part of a joined service where seven Evangelical churches in Bologna were represented and where John Blanchard preached again.

We praise God for the partnership of the churches in Bologna and for the students who were at the school assemblies.