Santa Fe Christian Academy Continues to Bless Rwanda

They wanted to see how the sun sets on the other side of the world...

Jean Baptiste Mugarura, National Director, YFC Rwanda

A team of 19 students and staff members from Santa Fe Christian Academy (San Diego) who participated in the June 2017 mission trip to Rwanda made a remarkable difference in the lives of those they served. The team ministered to and interacted with students from all grades at Kigali Christian School (KCS) in chapel, sports and classroom activities.

Besides the ministry, which was the main purpose of their trip, they also gave sports materials to the schools.

After over five years as mission trip coordinators to Rwanda from Santa Fe Christian schools, Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Glenda Lyons (Bwana na Mamma Simba as they are fondly known) have ended their responsibilities as team coordinators. The couple have long been favorite staff to many students. Noticeably, KCS students will remember how Mr. Lyon mesmerized them with tricks which he used to communicate the Gospel.

Their presence will be greatly missed by students and staff alike at KCS and Youth for Christ in Rwanda. When asked for a successor, the team captain left the group in the capable hands of Matt and Sona Robinson.