Samuel has been coming to Youth for Christ since he was 13. He has felt loved and accepted by leaders and peers.

This is his story:
sam“Three years ago, I used to be this ordinary Christian teenager who’s trying to do whatever just to make himself fit within the community he belongs in and to keep a good image. Going to church every Sunday, attending my youth meetings, doing what appears to be good to those around me. Furthermore, I didn’t really know the purpose of all that I’m doing. I couldn’t find that happiness that every follower of Christ finds when serving Him.

I had many questions that needed to be answered, questions that drew a distance between my relationship with God. However, in my involvement at D-group (a discipleship ministry of Youth for Christ in Lebanon), I’ve come to understand what it means to be a follower of Christ. I was able to get rid of that shallow relationship that I had with Him, which was built on doing things without knowing why I’m doing them, and dig into a stable relationship. Just like a father and son.

Through our D-group meetings, I figured out somehow what God wants me to do with my life. And it is to become a servant for others, just like He once served us. I honestly found what I enjoy doing most in life: helping others. This means helping even if it means being uncomfortable. When Christ was being nailed to that cross, He never thought of His comfort. All He had in mind was us. My relationship with God is solid ground now, and I bet if I faced difficulties, it would not crash. And that’s what D-group taught me, being and bringing Christ everywhere I am.”