Rodrigues Island Ministry Gains Centre, Rejoices at Youth Receptivity to Gospel

From Dickson Azie, National Director
God is doing excellent things in Rodrigues through Youth for Christ ministry. After some attempts to get an centre, we have obtained one ideally situated at Citronelle. Our centre has just undergone renovation. Volunteers have drawn and painted the logo on the entrance wall. We intend to open a library at the centre, which we believe will attract a lot of young people.

During these last two months, lots of young people have responded to programs and are very interested in what Youth for Christ is imparting to them. They are particularly showing interest in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Other young people are willing to join the movement and we are working in a way to go where the youth are. We are not waiting for them to come to us. We have a dynamic young leader group which is involved in training and field work as well.

The Youth for Christ team recently went to a small village called Montagne Malgache and organised a meeting on a Sunday night with various activities which rejoiced and helped the young people there to realize things about their own lives and about their relationship with God.

Our main debate was about sexuality, and the activities ranged from drama and film projection to the presentation of the gospel of Christ to the youth. The outing was a real success. Please pray for those who are following up with the young people.