Rick has had his life turned upside down by Jesus. Rick was one of the older teens in the Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre in Darwin, Australia, having been caught up in a gang. He started having some God conversations with Tim Ezzy, a long-term volunteer with Youth for Christ who visits the Centre each week.

“Rick’s nephew was very sick, so we offered to pray for him,” explains Tim. “His nephew then got better so that started a conversation about Jesus.”

Rick started asking questions and wanted books and DVDs about Jesus. Pretty soon, he told Tim that he had made a commitment to follow Christ.

“He suddenly had some hope,” says Tim. “He seemed a lot happier, a lot more peaceful. He was always keen to come and talk to us… They had a Bible in there and he would ask questions about that.

“Rick shared [about Jesus] with others. He and another two or three guys were saying prayers together at night.”

Rick’s attitude to life changed so much that he was being released during the day to do employment. Rick finally finished at the Centre a couple of months ago and now the Youth for Christ team is praying that his faith continues to grow as he goes back to ‘normal’ life.