Returning Campers Becoming Helpers

hc2Youth for Christ in Hungary organised several different camps this summer, attended by hundreds of young people. Due to the overwhelming response, organizers even had to refuse a lot of registrations, as they were fully booked.

The annual SZAMBA camp is growing each year, with 140 kids attending this year. Timea, Hungary’s national director, said, “The best experience for us was to see kids who are coming back to the camp every year, and see those young people who were once campers and now they are helpers in the camp. It is really great to see these kids growing and see how they are getting closer and closer to God.”

Each year, the camps also integrate young people with disabilities. Staff noted what a blessing it was to see how the other kids help them and form friendships with them.
One young man named Toni (pictured above, right) accepted Christ through the camp a couple of years ago. He is an evangelist in his family. He talks a lot about God’s love comes back to camp every year.