Hanitriniaina Salohy is Fitia’s classmate. She, too, is 15 years old and comes from quite a wealthy family. As far as she was concerned, all of her needs were being met by her parents. She didn’t feel that Christianity was for her.

So, even though she would attend club meetings once in awhile, she did not take the things of God seriously. After Fitia gave her life to God, she committed herself to helping Salohy come to that point of giving her life to Jesus.

As they lived close by, Fita would visit Salohy at her home and invite her to Youth for Christ club meetings. In March this year, on a Wednesday afternoon, upon the insistence of Fitia, she attended a Youth for Christ club meeting.

After hearing the message from John 1:12 ” …becoming God’s children”, she received the Lord as her personal Saviour. Salohy is now one of the key volunteers and is playing a major role in the music team in Madagascar.