Reaching Unreached Peoples – Andrew’s Story


Unreached Peoples

Andrew had a dream to reach the youth community of his Muslim nation with the good news of Jesus, but he needed resources, training and support to achieve his dream.

As we shared Andrew’s dream with a number of Youth for Christ partners they came along side him and started investing in this world-changing pioneer.

After just a few years there is now a vibrant and growing ministry in two major cities reaching many young people with the gospel.

But Andrew and his team have an unquenchable pioneering spirit and continue to dream beyond themselves.

They recently connected with a Hindu community – who subsist in dire poverty, due in part to the fact that they are a neglected, tiny minority in a Muslim country – and Andrew has young pioneers ready to share Jesus with these unreached people.

Unfortunately, Andrew can’t deploy this outreach team because he simply doesn’t have enough resources to support them and fund their ministry.

Unreached Peoples

The young people in these photos have their faces painted for Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colours.

But you can do something about this, by being a World Changer you make it possible to reach this Hindu community and many other unreached young people.

World Changers are a growing community of followers of Jesus who through their collective investment of just $25 per month pioneer ministry in new nations and equip and deploy dynamic young leaders to reach millions more young people for Christ.

We encourage you to give over and above what you are already giving, rather than redirect giving from other impactful Kingdom causes.

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