Reaching Young People in Nepal

From the Desk of the International Director

God is using you around the world! In these stories you will see how, through Youth for Christ International, He is using you in Tanzania, Nepal, the U.S. and in over 100 other nations as well.

Recently I have had the joy of visiting a few of those places –

  • Singapore – where we launched a plan to equip 1,000 young evangelists to reach young people.
  • Thailand – where young people are coming to Christ everyday through this same initiative.
  • Jamaica – where we celebrated 75 years of God reaching young people through Youth for Christ.
  • Rwanda – launching a new Youth for Christ school for young people in a remote jungle area.
  • Kenya – where we visited Youth for Christ’s ministry in the massive Nairobi slum and visited with the First Lady of Kenya, who is going to use Youth for Christ’s Bible-based curriculum in the nation’s schools!
  • Ukraine (by video) – where Youth for Christ supports 100 youth centers with generators, food, clothing, etc.

It is the story of God at work in the world through Youth for Christ and through you. Blessings to you.

Reaching Young People In Nepal

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It is very hard to share the gospel in our country. I was praying for a tool to share the gospel to my friends but I didn’t have any idea how. When Youth for Christ came to me and showed me the Christmas card, and sharing the gospel through this card, I got so excited. Through the Christmas card I shared the gospel to my friends without any hesitation and fear. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity. -Spana

In Nepal, sharing the gospel is not so easy to do. Evangelism is discouraged, at best, and partly illegal. Yet at the end of last year, Youth for Christ Nepal launched a movement to share the good news with young people through specially designed Christmas cards. Sher, the Youth for Christ National Director, said, “It was a really big challenge for us to take the gospel to the young people… but we saw God’s grace, mercy, protection and favor.”

Over two hundred pastors and youth leaders joined Youth for Christ in this movement. Over 4,100 cards were distributed in 57 schools and nearly 1,000 young people were shared with personally. Several hundred expressed interest in learning more about Christ and, so far, 12 have become followers of Jesus.

I was blind about salvation. On this Christmas time, one of our sisters shared from the Christmas card. I learned the reason Jesus had to come into the world. I confessed my sins and accepted Christ as my Savior. -Sannani