Providing Heating, Electricity, Food and Education in Ukraine

The Winter is Coming project expresses gratitude to God and the partners who collaborated on the initiative. Youth for Christ Ukraine played a crucial role in ensuring that the participants of the Day Centers could endure the winter season with warmth and light. Throughout the winter, a total of 102 Day Centers successfully operated, providing access to heating and electricity. Youth for Christ generously funded 31 Day Centers, covering all aspects of the Winter is Coming project. Additionally, Livingstone from Holland and Merlin offered assistance to 15 Day Centers. For the remaining centers, heating points were established through the active support of local churches and their partners.

The provision of food to families who have long been living below the poverty line remains a top priority for the Youth for Christ. Furthermore, the organization continues to collaborate with seminaries and youth seminaries, working towards educating young individuals and promoting the ministry of Youth for Christ within churches. Notably, in March, YFC had the privilege of participating in the “Impulse” program, an initiative organized by the youth department of the Kyiv region, which took place at the Kyiv Theological Seminary. This opportunity allowed Youth for Christ to connect with 120 young leaders hailing from various parts of the Kyiv region.