Preparing for the Olympics

Youth for Christ in Great Britain is collaborating with many ministries during the Summer Olympics. Pray for those who are strategically placed to be God’s laborers to the masses. The 2012 Summer Olympics will be held July 27th through August 12th in London.

From Charisma News:
As London and the entire UK gear up for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, another kind of “gearing up” is going on among the UK Church.

The Olympics are seen as a great opportunity to “engage their communities and visitors,” according to a recent Charisma News report.

The ministry More Than Gold is helping with that preparation by providing resources and training to churches within the UK.

Speaking to Charisma News, Peter Meadows, communications director at More Than Gold said, “There’s a greater prize to have than a gold medal—wonderful though it is. To know the God who made you, and to be at peace with him, is the greatest prize of all.

Our conviction is that prayer and mission go hand in hand as churches respond to the Games. So, we are inviting every church, group and organization to explore creative ways to pray for all that will happen before during and after the Games,” Meadows added.

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