Poland Empowering Young Women

50 unique women. 50 different stories. One goal - to build an awareness of what it means to be a godly woman and daughter of God.

In Poland, Youth for Christ is investing in young women. Through a platform called Kobie.TY, young women are building relationships and identities. Youth for Christ provides a place for young participants to learn about themselves. In the process, they are also learning about what it means to be a woman and daughter of God.

Only on its third run, leaders are very surprised by how quickly the attendance is growing and how their meetings in the city are being reflected.

A few words about Kobie.TY from women:

“I appreciate these meetings because they connect women from different backgrounds, at different ages and with different experience. Each of us can feel good there and get inspired to a happy and fulfilled life, and at the same time take a break from the rush of everyday tasks and eat something good.”

“I decided to invest in myself and relax in the company of a women at the invitation of my good friend. It turned out that it was well planned. The subject at the meeting touched me in the most sensitive places of self-acceptance and looking at my mistakes from the position of the Father’s love. I understood that I must forgive myself for not being in the place where I should be. I understood that being a mother is part of fulfilling God’s call in my life, not a break from developing in the Spirit. I understood that God has plan A, plan B, plan C and never stops believing in me. My only task is to see God’s word in the mirror, and not a substitute … I am glad that I was where I was supposed to be this Saturday and, apart from the delicious food for the body, I sat up spiritually.