Peru Evangelizing Youth, Training Leaders

Over the course of 2013, Peru Youth for Christ reached 3,300 students with the gospel message. Under their ‘club’ program, they saw groups of young people giving their lives to Christ. Local churches have received an influx of 370 young people.
Peru Youth for Christ also presented workshops, and through various topics, have trained 300 leaders – providing them with skills that will have a positive effect on both their lives and ministries. Across 8 conferences in Lima, they were able to bless 2,100 young people eager to in turn bless their generation.
In conjuction with ‘Unión Bíblica’ in March they also organized a “Master Camp”, where they were privileged to minister to 32 leaders.
Finally, the ministry leaders of Peru were part of the organizing team of ‘UNO una noche de oración’. Here, they were able to bring together youth leaders from different churches, along with 900 young people.
Thank you for your faithful giving, through which God has continually met the growing needs of this vibrant ministry.
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