Peacemaking Ministry Takes on a Life of Its Own


YFCC board Dec 2014

YFC Croatia Board (from left to right up): Neda Popovic, Davorka Horvat, Melanie Ivancevic, Anita Fridrih From left to right down: Mihael Secen, Ruben Secen, Sinisa Klem (YFCC president). Irena Dragas Jansen was absent (only in body, but present in spirit).

Peacemaking and non-violent communication have been a part of Youth for Christ’s ministry in Croatia  for many years – from its anti-bullying drama ministry in schools called “sWiTcH” to its “Peace Makers and Miracle Makers” training seminar for young leaders to its non-violent communication workshops.

Over the years and under Mihael’s leadership, this aspect of YFC Croatia’s ministry has grown and changed and started taking its own unique and separate shape under the name INTERO. Most recently, Neda Popović joined the INTERO team and their focus has started to include more counseling.

As INTERO grew, developed and changed, everyone involved realized that YFC Croatia and INTERO have outgrown this symbiotic relationship and need to grow separately. Even practically, sharing the same office became a challenge in itself. After much prayer, thinking and discussion, leaders have concluded and decided that it is time to completely and permanently separate these two ministries, all in good spirit. INTERO is now a separately registered organization with its own structure, mission and finances. Mihael is therefore no longer employed by YFC Croatia, but is now working on developing INTERO together with Neda.

Youth for Christ in Croatia continues its ministry and mission just as before, and both Ruben and Melanie are eager and excited to continue the work of Youth for Christ. They are also both grateful that Melanie is back working full-time; she was working part-time after she gave birth to Petra. Thanks to some timely financial gifts, she is able to return full-time, and they are praying that finances allow for both Ruben and Melanie to remain full-time.