Overcoming Challenges to Evangelism in Hong Kong

hkintroSasha Kim (Asia-Pacific Deputy Area Director) and Scott Johnson (Southeast Asia Region Director) just returned from Hong Kong where they had the privilege to spend several days with National Director, David Chu. David and his team daily live-out what it means to have a God-given burden of an evangelist. Everything they set about doing is filtered through this one essential criterion: an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Hong Kong citizens enjoy more religious freedom than any other city in China, partly because of its unique “one country, two system” relationship between the city-state and the Mainland. However, Youth for Christ staff are noticing that it is becoming increasingly difficult to share the Gospel in open-air venues because of regulations and restrictions.

One of the ways Hong Kong Youth for Christ staff are able enter schools and share the Gospel with young people is through the help of visiting teams from abroad like YFC International’s affiliate ministry, CTI. This past week YFC staff have been holding street presentations and going into schools, community centres and shopping malls with the visiting team, “New American Singers.” NAS has been partnering with YFC and sending teams for the last 15 years. YFC also holds regular “Gospel meals” in city community centres, and distributes food and clothing to those in need from their storehouse of donated goods.


  • Pray for continued freedom in Hong Kong to allow the distribution of Christian literature and to share the Gospel in public venues. Pray that each person who hears and responds to the message of Good News would have the opportunity to be discipled and connected to a local church.
  • Pray for God to raise up additional visiting teams to support the outreach of YFC. Thank God for partner ministries like NAS and CTI who combine their passion of music and desire to share the love of Christ, and then use it as a vehicle for bringing the light of Jesus to places where He may not be known.
  • The literal meaning of Hong Kong is “Fragrant Harbour”. As staff come in contact with students in schools and individuals through the food/clothing distribution ministry pray that they would diffuse the sweet fragrance of Christ to everyone they meet. Thank God for this special opportunity and blessing He has entrusted to YFC to care for the “overlooked and ignored.” (Matthew 25:34-36)