Orphanage Ministry Sees New Converts

Simon Marriott, Immanuel Camp – Czech Republic

One regular ministry of Youth for Christ’s Immanuel Camp in the Czech Republic involves camp programs for local orphans. Upon revisiting an orphanage where one such camp was held nearly a month ago, some of the staff were able to catch up with some of the campers – including Marcel, who became a Christian at the recent camp. What an encouragement it was to see the changes in Marcel, who reported having read the entire New Testament in just 3 short weeks.

During the day the team delivered their typical “Hand of Hope” program; then, after lunch, they had a concert with an amazing guitarist from England. Following the concert, the team sang some worship songs that the kids knew from the camp. After this, one  asked for prayer because she had a court case the following week and felt nervous about it. Some of the team prayed with her and then other kids started to come to receive prayer also. Some received prayer in order to help them forgive their parents and others asked to become Christians.

In the end, ten people (leaders and kids) received Christ – in what some studies say is the most atheistic country in the world.  It was amazing to see such a response to the Gospel they heard at camp 3 weeks prior.

Perhaps most encouraging was that after the worship, Marcel got up of his own will and read Romans 5 to the whole group. It was almost like he was preaching and pastoring this little flock of new believers.

Continue to lift up the Hand of Hope ministry and these new believers in prayer.