Oak House Girls from Moldova Serve the Poor

It was one of the most special trimesters of the school year, which is marked by the beautiful and long-awaited winter holidays. But before the holiday it was the time of a truly titanic work of organizing, supervising, serving and getting involved.

The girls in the house faced their first evaluation session, the first exams from this new stage of their lives – their college years. The girls at Moldova’s Oak House come from different parts of the country, most of them from socially vulnerable families, some bearing in their hearts the burdens and sad experiences from home.

It was neither an easy task for the working team to mobilize nor to motivate the girls to think they are worthy, that each of them is capable of much more, that anything is possible! Therefore, besides the priority studies, the girls have answered the call to become involved in the mission to help very poor children that are deprived of basic life needs, and also those confined to bed with various diseases and disabilities.

A Youth for Christ team from Moldova visited several children and their families in the villages of Pohrebeni in Orhei district, Păpăuți in Rezina district, Vorotet in Orhei district, and also several hospitals such as the Oncological Institute, the Cardiological Institute, the Psychiatry Hospital and the Center of Mother and Child in Chisinau. The team brought them encouraging programs with carols, poems, skits, and testimonies that the girls prepared with much love and dedication.