Numerous Ministry Highlights from Jamaica

by Dexter Johnson, National Director, Jamaica YFC

We are called to reach the lost at any cost. The mandate of the Lord is up on us and God is working things out for his good; for none will come unless they are drawn by the spirit of God.
As many as 2650 salvation decisions have been recorded through the army of Youth for Christ workers who take our mission seriously ‘spreading’ the Gospel of Jesus to every young person in Jamaica.

Jamaica Youth for Christ is reaching young people with the gospel through school devotions, D.J. missions, rallies, visits to Children’s Homes, Boys & Girls Days in schools, weekend crusades, DJ Vibes, ministry in the Bus Centre and the list goes on. To GOD be the glory great things he has done.

Below are some highlights from the previous ministry year (2013):

jampixJamaica Praise Fest Award: Jamaica Youth for Christ received an award for their “Contribution to Youth Evangelism”. The event was held in St. James and Montego Bay YFC was very involved in planning the event.

Operation Asphalt: This is managed by the Head Office and involves the distribution of groceries and clothing. It continues to be a joy to see the smiles on the faces and hear the expressions of gratitude as persons come to our office and collect food items. Jamaica Youth for Christ will be distributing 11 wheelchairs to individuals at the Poor Relief Center in downtown Kingston and to other needy individuals.

Overseas Mission Teams: It was a delight to welcome another team from Next Generation Missions in October. This time it was a senior team. They visited several homes for children and the aged as well as ministry on the street. It was great to see Jamaicans and Americans interacting and sharing Jesus.

Annual Prayer Breakfast:  The event was a success with over 180 persons in attendance. Held at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston on Saturday October 19, 2013 the prayer breakfast involved Jamaica Youth for Christ Board members, pastors, partners and volunteers. RAPID Prayer Arm members led in prayers. Rev. Dr. Al Miller held the audience’s attention as he dished out a delectable sermon. The programme featured Flo Darby, Dr. Sherill Chong, Nex Change and others. Much time was spent in prayer and praise.

National Talents for Christ and National Convention: It was electrifying to see young people competing and worshiping God in the same breath. Once again the groups competed in ten categories – Choir, Trio, Quartet, Instrumental Group, Group Dance, D.J. Group, Solo, Bible Quiz, Drama and Sermonette. In the convention, Guest Speaker Rev. Lloyd Francis shared his heart with the gathering. The Todah Dance Group ministry ignited praise with their mime/dance; “He’ll Never Put More On Me Than I Can Bear.” The day ended with Spanish Town YFC as winners, Montego Bay second, Mandeville third, St. Andrew fourth and Kingston fifth. It was indeed a success. Special thanks to the Montego Bay team led by Barrington Sergeant who worked hard to make it a reality.

Christmas Treats: St. Andrew Youth for Christ hosted treats in children’s homes and golden age homes. They went to Walkers Place of Safety, Glenhope Nursery, Church of God Girls Home, Harrison Home for the Aged and Best Care Lodge. “We distributed care packages, warm meals, cake, ice cream and other treats,” said Gary Blake, Director.

Genesis Concerts: The concerts were held in Portmore and Montego Bay. Kingston’s ‘Portmore’ event was held at South Borough Primary in Portmore, St. Catherine. Montego Bay’s event was held at the Montego Bay Community College.