NiaaThanks to ongoing support, Youth for Christ in Australia provides special one-year internships each year to young people from across the country. Seven new interns have just come on board for 2014!

These internships are a powerful opportunity for these young people to grow in faith, serve God, share the good news with others and develop as leaders. We asked Niia, one of the2013 interns, to share how interning has helped strengthen her faith…

 “I never saw what value I hold and what a difference I could make until last year. Getting involved with Youth for Christ and completing the internship program has had the greatest impact on my life so far.
“I used to struggle with fear and anxiety to the point that I once passed out in front of my class at school while giving a presentation. But the teaching and relationships I experienced at Youth for Christ helped me discover my self worth, enabling me to begin challenging this fear. Although I was scared and it did push me out of my comfort zone, the achievement of speaking to large groups of young people was incredibly rewarding.

 Once, at a girls camp, I felt led through the Holy Spirit to sing and share my testimony with the students. At that moment it was like God broke all those chains of fear within me. I felt the Lord also reveal prophetic words to me which I was able to share with a few of the girls. By the end of the camp, 28 of the students wanted to have a full and dedicated relationship with Jesus Christ.

 The Youth for Christ internship helped me come out of the box I once as a young girl locked myself in. I have done things with and through God I once could never imagine myself doing… ever!”