New National Director in Kenya

Youth for Christ Kenya now has a new National Director. Anne Mumbua Musya recently shared about her journey with Youth for Christ, as well as her dreams for the future.


“My leadership journey started when I joined the Crisis Pregnancy team as an intern in 2001, before then, I didn’t have leadership ambitions. I knew there was pressure to perform and get well paying jobs after college. I wasn’t even sure what I really wanted to do, so an internship gave me a platform for volunteering, which for me was extra time to figure out my life. But I fell in love with teaching the Worth the Wait abstinence material in high school and this started firing up dreams of what more I could do, and how we could do it better. Thus my first 10 years in Youth for Christ started!! 

I look back today at the journey and only God could have planned it this way. Volunteering has been one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. It provided not only experience and exposure, but also helped me realize my strengths. 

Through Youth for Christ Gilbert and I met and later married. It is through Youth for Christ I discovered my leadership gifting and I thank God for extending my journey and experience as National Director. 

The Youth for Christ vision to reach ‘every young person in every people group’ is far reaching. As I think of Kenya, I see the 7,000 plus high schools full of students that need to hear about Christ, about sexuality and about godly leadership. The task is great, and by God’s wisdom, as we actively engage in ministry, using all God-given resources and networking with other like-minded partners, it shall get done. 

The current team consists of 13 ministry staff and 200 volunteers. I dream of thousands of volunteers in every county, mobilized, equipped and sent out to this noble task. I dream of technological advancements that will reach every young person wherever they might be in this country, to evangelize, disciple and grow them into godly leaders. I dream of 47 county ministry centers creatively reaching young people within that county with the life changing word of God, for abstinence and for social involvement within that community. I dream of young people given opportunities to discover and use their talents, giftings and skills learnt not only for ministry, but for empowering themselves and others economically.”