Near East Initiative Unites Believers in Middle East

“We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.” (Romans 12:5b NLT)

NEIThis coming weekend the Near East Initiatives (NEI), a relational network of ministries from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan & Iraq, who want to advance the Kingdom in these countries together, will hold their annual consultation (Oct 30/31) in Beirut.

Youth for Christ in Lebanon is a partner within this network and assists in leading the youth arm of the NEI called Katalyst. Through this network YFC Lebanon helps to train youth workers throughout the region and runs special youth events in collaboration with other youth ministries.

  • Please keep us in prayer for the following items:
    For the Spirit to provide a willingness to set aside difference for the Kingdom sake in this region.
  • Pray for bold and creative thinking as we seek the Lord’s direction for this coming year.
  • Pray for Maher & Scot as they speak with attendees about the work that Katalyst is doing among youth and explore potential partnerships with new groups.