Murderers Turn to Jesus in Sierra Leone

From Abu Stephen Conteh, National Director of Sierra Leone

Youth leadership training in BO—the Profile of a Christian Leader
These youth in Bo, southern Sierra Leone had the opportunity to learn about what is expected of a youth leader and how to demonstrate leadership at all times. The fact was established they are all leaders whether they are holding a leadership office or not. We are trusting God for a change in value system.

Youth leadership training in Kenema—Understanding Leadership and Servanthood
We are contending with the challenge of raising godly leaders who will be intentional about serving instead of ruling. The two days training for church youth in Kenema, eastern Sierra Leone provided the opportunity for them to know that they are leaders that are expected to be servants in their service. We are trusting God for the fruit.  We thank God for a revived local board in Kenema.

Precious gems in remand found freedom in Christ
Two young men encountered Christ whilst serving their remand sentences for murder somewhere in the country (no names for security reasons). The Youth for Christ team had the opportunity to speak into their lives and we are just grateful to God that they are now followers of Jesus Christ.