Much To Be Thankful For in Sierra Leone

From Abu S Conteh, National Director

Youth for Christ in Sierra Leone has much to be thankful for!

  • Two day discipleship seminar for 25 nurses in midwifery training in Bo town that went successfully; pray for more open doors to do more of this type of ministry to these young people—every young person, everywhere.
  • Discipleship and follow up process going on in slums like Kroo Bay, Falcon Bridge, Dwarzark Farm, Suzan’s Bay and Water Street; pray that the souls being discipled will remain and bear much fruit for God’s kingdom; pray for God’s provision for motor bikes for the volunteers and staff to ease their discipleship process and reach out to many more new areas.
  • Adama,  one of the students in the hair design school who started with us as a muslim but accepted Christ along the way and is now attending a local church; Pray that she will continue to grow deeper and deeper in the love of the Lord.
  • Healing power on another student, Adama Conteh who came into the school with severe stomach pains but has now received her complete healing after being prayed for
  • Opportunity to visit the families of inmates in the Kenema state prisons and for the positive response of those families to come see their loved ones and for the joy it created in their lives; thank God for the weekly devotions and guidance and counseling programs we have with these inmates and for the many testimonies of God’s salvation in their lives.
  • 16 young people added to the Saturday discipleship class in Kenema and for the opportunity to be able to visit 37 homes to encourage new converts in their walk with Christ
  • Opportunity to do ministry in five schools in Blama and for the reception we receive from the nurses in training and the police; for the month of October a total of 28 police officers attended fellowship meetings. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring about the much needed transformation in their lives.
  • Abstinence campaign going on in four schools in Freetown; pray that these youth will be strong in their resolve to remain sexually pure and to be vessels of honor. Pray for the opportunity to reach out to many more students in Freetown schools.