MORE Conference – Discord FAQ

Discord FAQ

Discord is a social media app designed around conversations. It is a place for people to connect around the world about different topics and hobbies. In the case of the MORE Conference, it helps those watching the conference to interact with one another. You can learn more about Discord on our #new-to-discord channel after logging in.
You do not have to get or use Discord in order to watch the MORE Conference. However, if you do not JOIN THE DISCORD CHATTER before/during the conference, you will not be able to view any extra links, comments and other information shared by Conference moderators and attendees.
To join Discord, click on the JOIN THE DISCORD CHATTER link (go to and follow the prompts on the screen to create an account and accept the invite from YFCI. If you are already a Discord user, login with your existing account information. We encourage you to do this before the MORE Conference begins so you know your way around and feel comfortable with the navigation and features.
After you are logged in, you can navigate through the text channels by clicking on the different channel names. Text channels are identified by a hashtag (#) in front of the channel name. Be sure to visit #information-and-rules to see descriptions of each of the channels to learn which channel you wish to be on. During the live stream of the MORE Conference, we encourage attendees to go to the #livestream-chat channel unless you are wanting to share pictures of yourself or your watch party or have questions and need help related to the MORE Conference.
If you are having difficulty with Discord and need technical support, check out their Help Center. Additionally, feel free to contact Scott Rosene ([email protected]) or Alyssa Stratton ([email protected]). You can also submit questions within Discord on the #discord-help channel.