Moldova & Romania: Ministry to Refugees


Moldova is a very small country southwest of Ukraine. Its border is not far from the Ukrainian town of Odessa, which at this time Russia is trying to take over.
National Director, Vitalie Pupazan, wrote the following:

Church in Poland where Youth for Christ is helping to care for refugees.

First of all, I want to thank you for your prayers. Being here, close to the conflict and facing this crisis, we feel the support of those who are praying.

  • I want you to pray for the Youth for Christ Moldova team — it is an atmosphere of stress and uncertainty and people are involved in the ministry, but they have a permanent fear that the war will spread to Moldova.
  • Find a long-term alternative for refugees who cannot move to another country or who have no relatives elsewhere.
  • For the protection and wisdom of volunteers who are on the border.
  • For volunteers working with refugees in refugee centres — to have the wisdom to use every opportunity to preach the gospel.


National Director, Jean-Philippe Longeron, wrote:
  • The situation on the ground is changing every day — we have people that come and go almost every day — and we never know how the situation will evolve. Most of the work is done in collaboration with many other Christian organizations and churches.
  • At the moment, we have around 20

    Hotel/conference center where Youth for Christ Romania is housing refugees.

    refugees in our main center (Poarta Oilor). We give them food, a room to stay, internet (as they are all day long calling to Ukraine), Christian counseling… We also help them to do all their administrative papers while with us (register to the police, go to the doctor, buy medicines). We are ready to take care of them for a few months if necessary.

  • Some of our staff have a guest house. They agreed to make it available for refugees. Around 15 people passed by this place for a night or more. At the moment a family stays there and we also provide food, prayers, laundry machines… etc.
  • Please pray for the refugees who have been through huge trauma.
  • Please pray for our staff who are under pressure to take care of all these people and respond to situations that change all day long.
  • Please pray also for the right decisions — as we always decide with the other churches and organizations who will take care of what needs, we want to make sure that we take the right burden God wants us to carry.
  • Pray for wisdom as summer is coming — and at the moment we still plan many summer camps and outreaches — and we’re not sure if we have to change our plans with the situations with the refugees.