Mobilising Evangelism in Malaysia

“The harvest is plentiful.”

Jesus said these words in Matthew 9:35. He said it upon seeing the big crowd of people who came to Him, seeking to learn and be healed of their sicknesses. What was more important was their need for meaning and hope in the midst of a world where everyone goes about their lives self-centeredly – very similar to the world we live in today. Jesus further said, “…but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

What Jesus said is true today. Over the last three months, the staff of Youth for Christ in Malaysia have become convinced of 3 things:

  • Many non-Christians are open to hearing the Gospel – meaning there’s a curiosity, if not an interest, to know and understand what Christians believe.
  • Many Christians need to be persuaded and challenged to share the Gospel.
  • Even with training and opportunity, there are not enough Christians to share the Gospel.

So during the past three months staff have been conducting evangelistic events in several cities to share the Gospel with youth and to mobilise the Christian community to be more active in evangelism. Here are a few highlights from those involved in these events:

“During Next Station 4 we mobilised 180 Christians to join as group leaders, station masters, and logistic members. We shared the Gospel to the 355 non-Christians at the event. 25 students accepted Christ and 64 were interested to know more about Jesus Christ as a result of the event.” 

-Wee Shyan, event coordinator

“Golden Straights drew 422 non-Christians to the event. Through this event, we had the opportunity to mobilise more Christians to serve God. We challenged the Christians to continue in Bible study, evangelist events, personal evangelism, leadership training and to serve as volunteers so that they can influence more people to know God.”

– Siew Nyok, Malacca Centre ministry coordinator

“This is the first time we held an event like this (Gold Rush). Thank God, some participants gave good feedback. Some hope we can organise it again. Pray that God will guide our volunteers and students to think creative ideas for our next event. Please pray that the students would continue to have the desire to know Him and that God will guide us to follow-up on them creatively.”

– Nyet Lee, Gold Rush coordinator


Remember to keep National Director Lim Piang Hong and the Malaysian Youth for Christ staff in your prayers as they continue to bring the good news to the young people of Malaysia.


Excerpts taken from Malaysia’s Newsletter “The Call” APR-JUN 2013