Ministry News from Poland

The Creative Discoverers’ Club is on again! We look forward to meeting with young people who are hungry of adventures and good time together. The Club will be run for 11 -14 years olds. We will meet every other week on Friday afternoons, beginning on the 15th April, in the school building at Poznanska street.

It is not too late for anybody to join other Christians in the Resurrection Dance that will be performed in the City Square of Wrocław on the 25th April. Rehearsals are already going on. This week is the last chance for you to join in. Just come to the rehearsal. All information needed can be found on So dance with us!

From the 17th-21st April we will host a group from Youth for Christ in Norwich, UK. They will lead some conversational English sessions at two schools in Wroclaw as well as lead some evangelistic meetings on the campuses. It will be a great opportunity for Poles to meet with native speakers of English.

It is incredible to see how people get freed from fear, how they start trusting God more and more, and how through the Holy Spirit, their chains of fear are broken, and their hearts are filled with faith in the One who is the Lord and Saviour.

Step by step they can live in freedom from what was paralyzing them. We could recently talk about the issue of fear and faith during the Manafest in the middle school Arka in Wrocław. We talked about fear in the context of the end of the world. What may it be like? What will happen to us, to our beloved? In the whole chaos of the situation who are we to trust? Who do we trust now? What do we base our lives on? Where do we run when in danger? Do we trust God? Do we trust Him no matter what our circumstances are? Is He truly our rock?

“My dear God,” I cried out in prayer hearing the life stories of some of the girls, and of their friends, from the 1to1 Contact ministry, “Why do you allow them to experience such hardship? Parents divorce, death, depression, alcoholism and many more?”

“They are not to carry that burden themselves, that is why I crossed their paths with yours! Love them, show them where hope is, plant the seeds of love for Me in their hearts…” Together with eight teenage girls from the Bermuda triangle we spent an incredible weekend in the mountains where we had an opportunity to get involved even deeper into the lives of our mentorees and their friends. Precious conversations, inspiring talks on relationships, testimonies, cool workshops, lots of laughter and tears of love. God is good! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.

In times when whole cities, islands, food supplies, crops, profits on stock markets are totally wiped off, it is worth reminding ourselves on WHOM we truly build our lives. That is why together with a big group of young people we are going to stand before God to worship Him as our Rock and to listen to Him in order to obey. We want to come to Him as our only place of refuge. It is not yet too late to join us.

The manifest conference starts on Friday, 8th April in Krotoszyn. More info can be found on

So see you there!