Mendy Fernando Nino was born in 1983 in Senegal. He came to Christ in a Cell Group in 1996 through Pastor Charles Baveloni’s ministry with Calvary Mission.  He shares his story:

I was impressed by this Pastor’s knowledge of God’s Word and his intimacy with God. This was during the time when I had questions and a thirst for purpose and destiny in life. After three months of regular church attendance I sensed the move of the Holy Spirit in my life. Beyond that experience, I felt a great joy that I had never felt before. So I decided not to leave the church. I went through a Discipleship Bible Course for three months and after that got baptized.

I was a Scout boy then and in the church was introduced to Youth With a Mission that played a role in enhancing my faith in Christ. This movement stopped existing and I ended up with Young Agape Praise which later evolved into Youth for Christ. It was through Youth for Christ that I was chosen as a Young Leader with Pastor Abel as my mentor in 2001.

My greatest passion and vision is to see GENERATION 21 in my nation achieving the goal of boldness in evangelism. I want to see many young Senegalese coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. My goal for the future is to see an emerging generation of young people running with a flame for the evangelisation of other young people.