Sam is a student at Youth for Christ’s Campus Life ministry in Denver, Colorado, USA. A middle school student who was born and raised in a Christian home, he accepted Christ as his Saviour when he was a little boy. Read his story about what Campus Life has meant to him and how Jesus and his Youth for Christ staff have helped him through some recent trials…


story2My family has recently experienced a major loss. One of my best friends, my Grandma, has gone to her lifelong friend, Jesus. And Campus Life is something I have depended on. Not because we are some school club, but because we are a family. My real family received a various assortment of gifts from Campus Life for us. It didn’t only cheer me up, but I knew there were people praying for me, people who loved me. To me, that is what a family is. That helped me be strong for my family and for myself.

Campus Life is still a place to have fun. We get to meet everyone and bond in very ‘interesting’ games. We enjoy snacks and above all, we learn more about God.  More and more faces are joining Campus Life so we are still growing and have enjoyed late night bowling, paper plane contests, eating baby food, acting out weird skits, and deep involving group talks about the Bible. Over these past two years I have grown closer to my Lord more than ever before. I have seen forgiveness, beauty, grace, and faith. And I think that I have things figured out, but I learn every Thursday (during Club) more and more and more about God.

So what I’m trying say is that I love the Lord, but it still gets stronger every week. So do my relationships and respect for Becky and Andi, the two Campus Life leaders at my school district. They are amazing people. Many times Becky has helped my brother and Andi cared for my sister. Through them I can see what a true Christian should be when I’m older, and I’m so thankful for that.

All in all, Campus Life has been something to look forward to even if I had a bad day at school. Campus Life has been amazing in these past months. I keep learning, I keep laughing with friends, and I keep wanting to be stronger in my relationships with God and peers. My wish is to see Campus Life help awkward tweens for many years to come, because that is what is happening now.”

Everything we do is about story: God’s story, my story, your story. Thank you for taking the time to read about Sam’s.

source: Denver Area Youth for Christ