Radomir had a lot of questions about Christianity. So many questions, in fact, that it became well known to people in the neighbourhood.  One of those people was a Youth for Christ worker, who agreed to meet in an old house with Radomir and five of his friends to talk about their questions.  Two of Radomir’s friends left rather quickly, but he stayed. The group talked about God, sang some songs together, and discussed their many questions.

Zvonko, the Youth for Christ worker who met with the young men says Radomir seemed to be the leader of the group, asking the most questions and wanting to know more than the others.

“That visit was great. After that visit we stayed in contact but didn’t see each other very much. Last year, Radomir came to Sport-Fest and after the main concert on Friday evening when everything was over, he and my son Viktor spent some time in prayer. That was the moment when Radomir completely gave his life to Jesus.”

Just prior to Sport Fest, Radomir had experienced a very difficult time. He was depressed, fear occupied his heart, he isolated himself from almost everybody and he wouldn’t to talk with anybody. He was afraid to walk through the streets and he spent most of his time at home.

The doctor told him that he was experiencing something normal for young people his age and gave him some sedatives. He was very surprised with the doctor’s response.  Just then, a thought popped into his mind: “If I have to take medicine now while I am young there is no meaning to continue with such a life.”

At that moment, God reminded him about his talk with Zvonko, about the Bible, and about Jesus. With what he remembered, he went to his room that evening and said a very simple prayer:

God please help me. I want to have a purpose in my life.

Very quickly after that prayer he fell asleep. The next morning when he woke up, his heart, body and soul were healed. There was no more fear.  God had given him something totally new. Soon after, Radomir attended the Sport-Fest when he prayed with Viktor and completely gave his life to Jesus. He started to talk with his friends about change in his life. This was all very strange to his friends, but they could see by looking at him that he was a different person.

Zvonko and Radomir continue to spend a lot of quality time together, and they are both encouraged by one another. Radomir’s parents are not Christians and sometimes they make problems for him because of his faith but God is working on their hearts as well.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Radomir and his family.