Meet Korea's New National Director

Youth for Christ in Korea has a newly appointed national director. Byung Chae Choi, who was appointed in February, likes to be called Tim by his non-Korean friends. Tim is quite new to the Youth for Christ family though as a teenager he had many Youth for Christ friends. He comes from a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) background having served with YWAM in Seoul, Varanasi (India) and Vancouver, B.C. (Canada).

Tim says,

“I feel like a beginner at a new place, but I strongly believe that God has led me here right now to Youth for Christ.”

According to Tim, reaching young people in the schools is one of the greatest challenges facing Youth for Christ in Korea.

“Schools are closing doors to religious activities and becoming even anti-Christian. Young people are becoming some of the hardest people groups not only to share the Gospel with, but also to meet! After school, they just disappear. They often go to private institutions for extra study to improve their grades in order to attend better colleges or universities. They need the Gospel and I feel responsible to lead them to Jesus.”

Tim hopes that the Holy Spirit will enable him to humbly execute his new role, and that the staff of Youth for Christ in Korea would carry out their ministry with a strong sense of unity. He also asks the Youth for Christ family to pray that God would open doors wide for reaching out to more young people and to enable creativity in sharing the Gospel.

Pastor Tim is married to Seonah Kim and they have two teenage children, Jushua and Karis.