Australia Hosts Evangelism Webinar

Young men are people, not statistics. Each one has a name and a unique purpose known to the Father.

Youth for Christ Australia will be running a no-cost webinar on reaching Generation Y and Z males with the Gospel of Jesus and would love for you to join us.

One of the most concerning trends across Western countries today is the growing number of young men who have become destabilized by cultural forces that have robbed them of their God-given potential.

Many of us know of or have someone close to us, who is living the life of a Prodigal son. While an amazing inheritance awaits them, these young men are on the fringes, stumbling from the cocktail of confusion, pleasure and hopelessness that the world has fed them.

Young men are people, not statistics. Each one has a name and a unique purpose known to the Father.

It’s time to call the lost boys home.

In our webinar, I will unpack some of the themes and research from my latest book “Lost Boys: Bring them Home” including offering a Gospel-centred counterattack to the rampage of fatherlessness, porn addiction, mental illness and post-truth narratives that afflict Millennials and Gen Z males.

I’ll be joined by Martyn Iles, who is a lawyer and the current Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby. A Millenial himself, he shares the same passion in reaching many of his peers and Gen Z for Jesus. He is known for his weekly Youtube channel “The Truth of It” which seeks to help Christians navigate the rapidly changing culture with conviction, truth and grace.

Our Ministry Director, Andrew Scarborough will be be our host as we explore:

  • The spiritual war raging against our young men.
  • How to win the war and bring the lost boys home.
  • What YOU can do to help us reach these lost boys.

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You’ll find all the details on the registration page linked above. I hope you can make it.

Kind regards,


Cindy McGarvie
National Director