Light in a Dark Place

Eric & Mary Ens, Youth for Christ (Canada) staff serving in Hungary & Romania

romania1After I led a morning session of volunteer training, the local Youth for Christ staff in Romania explained what our evening might look like. He said to “be prepared”. Apparently they were chased out of the neighbouring village the last time that they visited. We were told there is a dark presence, depression and witchcraft. Also that the  community centre likely had no power, broken windows and was full of garbage.

Wow, what an invitation! A small group of volunteers arrived to clean the hall and I investigated the power. We got two lamps and one speaker working so Sam could present the gospel. romania2A fresh snowfall seemed to keep the “angry adults” away but the cold building quickly filled with young people. Sam and I prayed through the armour of God for protection.

At the end of the presentation we saw youth raise their hands to accept Jesus. And light came into the darkness…. awesome!

Please pray for local staff as they continue the ministry in Augustin.