Life TV Finds a New Building

In the last 4 months, Youth for Christ in Slovakia organized the 14th Annual “CampFest” Christian music festival in Slovakia, with 6400 attendees. Because of your support and donations, they were able, for the first time ever, to record the whole festival. Youth for Christ will be using the recordings in their television show. They have also created a new website,, to go along with their television show and expand the number of people who can see their programming. The whole project is run by 5 full-time workers and  team of volunteers.DSCF0056

Not only is Youth for Christ producing its own original shows, they are also partnering with other Slovak Christian media organisations who will supply programs made in their studios. It is all coming together with but a few steps left: they are currently preparing documentation to receive their television license and they are also registering the trademark. While those processes happen, work in the Life TV facilities is picking up speed: recorded materials are being edited, new programs are being taped, and they are constantly looking for talented new people to join the team.

Youth for Christ needed a building. They approached a company who had created a building out of complex of shipping containers. They prayed for several weeks until God gave them a price that they should offer. When Life TV approached the owners, they accepted the price that Life TV offered! But that’s not the end of it. A gentleman, who had been part of the process of prayer, decided to give money – the whole amount – for this project.

The doors are opening and God has a huge plan for Youth for Christ Life TV in Slovakia!