Liberation Day Exalts Jesus in Trinidad & Tobago

Youth for Christ in Trinidad & Tobago reports on their annual Liberation Day event.

The power of God on the streets, as thousands and thousands of youths, children and adults, representing every region of our twin island; declared “Worthy is the Lamb of God”! For many stores, work ceased as employees stood in the doorways, some with lifted hands; pedestrians were dancing and worshiping as we marched along. Many shared that they were encouraged that all is not lost in our nation as they beamed at the young people and in turn encouraged us to stay strong in the work we do for the Lord.

At the rally, the Power and Presence of God exploded, in prayer, dance, praise and worship. Living water flowed and our young people drank, eyes filled with tears, hands lifted and many bowed down. The altar call was made and youths came in their numbers to give their lives to Christ and many more committed themselves to Holy Living and discipleship through our HIS (Holiness in Sanctification)Movement.

Sixteen years ago it all begun and we are so grateful to God that we continue to grow, across denominational lines, both to the churched and the un-churched and above all, true Liberation in Christ take place.

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