Lebanon Training Young Leaders, Running Youth Centre

by Lindy-Ann Masri, Director of Ministry

It has been a joy to see Youth for Christ finish the year by spending time with young people, and begin the new year by reaching out to a whole new group of teens.

On December 27th the 20Plus group, who are young leaders in training, had their graduation project, to prepare, organize and run an event.  Their theme for the day was “But What Is The Question?” and the speaker drew out the idea of, where do you go, challenging the teens to think about what and whom they turn to, when things in life are going very well, and when challenges and difficulties arise. Held in a local school 54 young people attended with many of the volunteer staff joining them in a supporting role.

The new leaders did a wonderful job, and this coming weekend, 4th & 5th of February, they will be celebrating their Graduation Retreat, the culmination of 18 months of study, commitment and service.  Some have already begun to serve as volunteer staff, and many will take what they have learned back to their churches where they minister.

Sirag Karagoezian-Basmajian is Youth for Christ’s new part time staff member, and one of her responsibilities is to coordinate the team who are working on a new joint Drop In project.  Below she shares about this venture.

On January 28th, the new ‘Drop In’ project was launched in partnership with a local Baptist church. The church, which has a new youth center, wanted to start a community based project and it was a great way for Youth for Christ to partner with them and have a presence in that area of the city. The leadership team, made of both church members and Youth for Christ staff, was there to welcome a number of young people who came to hang out, play pool, foosball and other games.

It’s a blessing for me to be a part of this new project; we hope to reach as many young people around the Hadath area as possible. Pray with us as we go around the area and invite young people to come and hang out with us and as we start building relationships with them, introducing them to the Reason we do all this.

We are very excited to see what will come from this partnership, to be working in unity with a local church, to be reaching young people in a new area of Beirut, and introducing them to the wider Youth for Christ family.

Our prayer is that this will be a long term relationship, and a fruitful tool for building the Kingdom.

Thank you for your love, support and prayers for us and for Lebanon.