Lebanese Mountains Provide Backdrop for “Cross The Bridge”

From Lindi-Ann Masri, Director of Ministry

On Monday 25th April, we took a group of around 45 people up to the beautiful Lebanese mountains.  Our theme for the day was Cross The Bridge, and the backdrop for our day was a spectacular natural bridge.  It was a much more laid-back, casual day than some of our events in the past, but we were able to focus more on relationship with the young people and spending time together.

After an amazing Egg Hunt a-la Youth for Christ, we enjoyed a picnic lunch and evangelistic talk.  With around one-third of the students new to Youth for Christ we were very pleased to talk to them about finding balance in life with Jesus.

In the afternoon, we walked together to some nearby ruins for our group shot and time to chat and share with the students.  Please pray that the seeds sown on this day will grow and bear fruit in their lives, and that we can continue to build on these relationships.