Landmark Gathering for EMENA

John Duncan, EMENA Area Director

Eighty-six of the senior leaders from the EMENA Area recently gathered at the Area camp, Camp Immanuel, in Czech Republic.

The gathering served as a wonderful time of inspiration, fellowship, learning, fun, worship and reflection for those in attendance. Dave Patty of Josiah Venture gave three superb studies on being fathered by God, Marian LipovskyJames Evans led great times of worship, Bob Wielenga of International Stewards taught on fund-raising, and many other in-house speakers taught and shared on a wide variety of subjects.

Good weather, superb hospitality and food only added to the pleasantness of the Area Council, where many old friendships were deepened and enriched and many new ones made. The group worked through and overcame numerous challenges together, and with God’s help and by His grace this week will prove to have been a landmark in the development of many cross-national linkages which will benefit Youth for Christ in the future.

Additional photos of the event can be found on the EMENA Area Facebook page.