Kosovo Youth Blessed by Camp Ministry

 by Zvonko Valentini, National Director YFC Serbia

Youth for Christ in Serbia recently organized a winter camp with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) and God really blessed the participants richly.

Everything was organized in a venue which belongs to a Bible school near Belgrade. Although the weather was not very conducive to outdoor activities, the campers were able to have plenty of fun inside the school building.

Around 40 youth participated in the camp. Most of the young people came from refuge families from Kosovo. Some youth came from broken families and through an organization called “Single Moms” . Although most of the kids know something about God, they would describe themselves as nonbelievers, and don’t go to any church regularly.

Knowing this, the staff were ready for smoking, cursing, etc., but in the first few days the kids really surprised the leaders with how poorly they behaved. Every morning the team prayed together and shared their experiences with one another. At the middle of the week, God really moved in the hearts of the young people. Suddenly their behavior changed in a positive way and the began listening more to what was being shared with them.

At the end of the camp, nearly half of the young people asked for prayer and gave their lives to Jesus Christ or expressed a desire to know more about Jesus.

One girl, Ana, came on the camp and thought she was on vacation. She was very surprised when she heard the staff pray for dinner. Although she complained at first, by the end of the camp she asked for prayer for herself:

“Please pray for me – I really need to know Jesus.”

Although camp is now over, Youth for Christ staff are planning to visit some of the campers from  Belgrade and Kosovo for follow up.

Thank you for praying with us:

  • For the follow up program among the youth in different cities
  • For people who will work with them, because they are from all around Serbia
  • For full-time team which will work on other camps in the future
  • For finances for camp (To donate, visit